My mother-in-law does not pay for the house, but buys a bag of salt or a bottle of water for washing. Since his father crossed the border several decades ago and married another there, his mother was not accepted by the husband and did not look at his grandson – he is. Having been together for 5 years, but mainly from far away, he was the first person I saw suffer a lot from birth, but I was surrounded by parents, not doing anything, just eat and learn. only. He went to the North to make a living, earning about 6 million dong a month, sending him monthly to his mother. I find that he is very disadvantage when he does not care, mother or not, he thanks his grandmother grandmother from childhood, his mother only at home cooking for grandparents. Then when he died, the burden on his shoulder because his mother did not know what to do. If I left him, it was a poor thing for him and I was afraid he would be sentenced to marry him.



My parents went to the North to make up for their misery, but they did not discriminate against him because he was poor, and his parents loved him. The parents are married, and his mother does not support a single. But his mother took my hand and said her mother loved him so much, the house to let her mother do it, I do not have to worry. I decided to tell my husband to stay with my mother-in-law because she was too old, and my mother also told me to love her mother-in-law more than my real mother, so that my husband’s family would live for the rest of my life.

Living only two months is the mother’s real face. Home was originally built by my grandparents, so when I returned to get money from my parents to fix it more fully, I did not expect the unpredictable person to build this one and fix it again. The whole is the money my parents made me do business, mother-in-law does not spend a single. I was with my parents doing nothing, even washing clothes, washing dishes. But when doing the bride I do all the work, when money exhausted can not correct the mother’s wishes anymore, her attitude is different. I cook anything she deceives, do everything in the house did not have the words she was cursed. At times washing dishes can sweep the house, so she just swept and scolded this type of mulberry. At times tired but I still try to make the juice available in the refrigerator for her mother, cook her mother-in-law love to eat, but does not seem to please her. At times I also stress how to satisfy the mother-in-law.

I also have to go to work, every expense I have to worry about. My mother-in-law does not spend a penny, and sometimes I buy her a bottle of salt or a bottle of water. My husband has been away for a few months so I do not want him to worry about it. New with my mother-in-law for 4 months, I spent over $ 200 million fixing my house, now I do not have money anymore, just looking forward to months salary. My mother-in-law stayed at home and did not attend to anything, but she called her husband’s daughter, who did not care about her mother-in-law. I hear the memories.

I have not had my mother-in-law cook a meal since then, always complaining about having no money, I give money and still complain. I do not understand, my parents are very hard to care for the children without ever complaining, but her mother-in-law only at home scanned the house that scolded and scolded, calculated that I lost money for parents because fix the house Just a few months I just want to feel so breathless, live all the time floating? How many girls in her husband’s life still be happy, I live to do something evil to anyone but why now suffering like this

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