When parents are opaque, snatching, mutilating and leading to divorce, the first victims of these actions are none other than the innocent children. Do you hear your child saying to me these sobbing words: “Do not leave each other, offspring parents too!”


Many parents today, especially parents who do not respect and place heavy responsibilities on their children, still claim that divorce does not affect their children, as it is an adult issue. Even the majority of psychologists think that if parents do not harmonize with one another, it is better to divorce than to get rid of the damage to their children.

But for true educators, ethicists, and some psychologists take a serious look at the future of youth due to the influence of divorce, the notion is not fundamental. and not the best solution to the problem of divorce. The reason, after divorce, the immediate consequences are the misfortunes for the future of children. At least in terms of psychology and education.

The negative effect of divorce on children is that these children will be tugged between their parents after divorce. Who wins, who loses, who must, who left. All of this will depend on the circumstances of the parent whose children hear the evil about their parents. Normally, after the divorce, no one will be responsible for the error, and therefore, will seek to cover up his or her fault by blaming the partner. In my many years of practice, I have not seen many cases where parents after divorce get their share of faults and seek compensation for their children in the education field.

Next, in the minds of the children, parents are still parents. They do not need to know their parents. Or if you want to know, good things, beautiful, proud about the parents, not the bad things, the reasons that led to the parent or another parent.

Finally, when these negative things are put into the minds of these children, they lose the beauty of their parents, especially when they face the difficulties and challenges of life. This effect will give them a negative view of marriage and the family. They will not find a family model and happy marriage. The meaning and character of marriage will be misinterpreted as they look at their parents and their parents’ marital life after divorce. It can be said that these negative consequences have led to homosexuality and same-sex marriage, abortion, and divorce, because, according to research, the children of divorced parents The probability of divorce is higher than that of parents whose parents did not divorce.

A return to the notion that divorce will create good conditions for the education of children. This concept is, in fact, a beautiful idea, rather, a justification for divorce. Many people who take a serious look at the family are surprised to find that there are studies that suggest that differences in psychological behavior and lifestyle of children are not different before and after the father Mother divorced.

In fact, there are also positive values ​​in parental divorce that affect the education of children, but must be treated as rare cases. In the New Horizon magazine, the 25th anniversary of Vietnamese living in the United States has raised two similar cases. Doctor and socialist Yen Le Espiritu has been nurtured and influenced well by his stepfather is an American. He loved both her mother and child and helped her overcome the difficulties of her childhood. She was fortunate to be a sociologist and a department head for the immigration, gender and Asian American Studies at San Diego State University.

The second case is Judge Thang Nguyen Barrett, of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California. In 1998, he was the first Vietnamese American to hold this high position. He was also nurtured and fortunate to be influenced by his American father.

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